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Originally founded in 1996, PETSCORT has grown into the preeminent family owned-and-operated business of Rhode Island that provides exceptional pet care service and caters to all kinds of pets and their owners. Historically, PETSCORT has cared for a variety of dogs, cats, rabbits, small mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles. Currently operating in Portsmouth, Middletown, and Newport owners Michelle and Troy Pasquale, along with the PETSCORT team, have collectively earned an impeccable reputation as pet care professionals spanning nearly 20 years!

  • It is our pledge, to “just focus” on the holistic needs of your pet(s) and leave you with the peace of mind they will be well cared for, properly exercised, and socialized under our expert supervision. We promise to treat your pet like a member of the family, the PETSCORT family, while enjoying the comforts of a secure and safe environment, whether it be ours or yours.
  • It is our motto to “ just call” for a PETSCORT, AKA, an escort for your pet. You need it and your pet deserves it!
  • It is our philosophy to “just ask” as we are dedicated to supporting your individual needs during times of work, travel, or the running of errands. We will always try our best to accommodate special requests so please don’t hesitate to ask.
  • It is our mission to “just help” as we are dedicated to building a deep, joyful, and unique connection with each and every client, whether furry or human.

is bonded and insured.
In this website you will find all the information needed to choose the services that best suit your family. Our family can be contacted several ways during business hours. Click Here to Contact Us.

From our family to yours, we look forward to caring for your pets!
The Pasquale Family

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Petscort Services Inc. offers its customers one free service unit for each referral that results in a new customer.